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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Links We Love "Two Sweet Boys Lollipops"

Your Business Name: Two Sweet Boys Lollipops!
Your Name: Laura Navarro

1.What Type of Products does "Two Sweet Boys Lollipops" have?
 We make molded chocolate lollipops for any occasion or special event! we have various shapes, sizes, characters and different colors of chocolate to make each order Custom & Specific! They can be given to guest as "Thank you favors" & can be used also as centerpieces or even in a candy buffet.

2.What made you start your own business & How did you pick the name?
 I named my business after my two children "Two Sweet Boys"..they are my inspiration and motivation to make this business blossom! I started to make these lollipops for a friend and neighbors and from then on decided that i can do this business full time and still be at home with my boys and still have a way to make money for our family.

3.What do you want your future clients to know about your services?
I would tell them to browse take their time to  select a mold & color chocolate so they can pick the right ones for their party. Also to ask for a specific character even if they dont see it in the album, doesnt mean we dont have it available!I would want know that Personalization is our niche.. we individually wrap every lolipop with clear wrapping and color cordinate a ribbon that ties a personalized tag to each and everyone of the lollipops. The tag will have a personalized note from you to your guests!

4.What is a funny moment you will never forget with your business?
My Funniest is when one time i was done making an order and i kept noticing that my batch wasnt complete. All of a sudden i see my oldest son (whos 2 1/2) with a three of them with a bite each! and worst part is that i didnt have anymore chocolate to make more!! I learned my lesson.. now whenever im done with an order i must put it away quickly..before my oldest son can get his hands of them.

Telephone #562-900-0644
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