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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Links We Love "Monroe Event Planning"

Say Hi to Amanda Hanstad from: Monroe Event Planning

Question #1. What kind of services do you provide for clients? what is behind the name?

Wedding, Party and Event Planning of all types. The name was created because my youngest daughter's middle name is Monroe, and my family is why I do what I do, and what drives me to succeed so I wanted to incorporate an aspect of that into my business name to keep myself reminded of that.

Question #2: How did you start in the event planning industry and why continued with it?

I absolutely LOVE parties and events of all types. I was always volunteering to help out friends and family, either by thinking of a cute theme, or designing a unique centerpiece, coming early to decorate, cooking etc etc. FInally I was like, why dont I do this professionally? I can make a career out of doing something I am passionate about!

Question #3 What would you tell you clients about you and your business?

I am a very passionate person, whatever project I am working on gets my whole heart, mind- everything. I love to help people and seeing the smile on their face when they get exactly what they wanted makes me happy. I know what its like to be a busy mom and I want every spouse or best friend or child to have the party of their dreams, and have that busy mom get the credit! I know what its like to start with a great idea and then run out of time before I get to do a party, or dinner, or what have you, the perfect way I saw it in my mind and my goal is to help all those busy wives, friends, husbands and what have you be able to work through their busy schedule but still come out the hero for pulling off an amazing event. Also I am a Certified Event Planner, which is a very complex certificate to achieve int he planning industry!

Question #4: What is a memorable event you will never forget?

 About a year ago I planned a 50th wedding anniversary for a couple with 9 children and 27 grandchildren that were spread all over the country and having trouble coming together to put together the party their parents/grandparents deserved. Every single family member was able to fly back home for this event, for the first time in over 15 years. They had told me ahead of time that the last family picture they had only went up to grandchild number 6 and he was now 19 years old! I knew that the best gift was a photographer who could get a family photo for the grandparents. The tears of joy from the grandmother, when she walked into that banquet hall and saw that her entire family was there- was the most amazing part of the night, but that photo w/almost 50 family members in it was a very close second!

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