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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Links We Love "OCe Photography"

Say Hello to Evelyn owner of OCe Photography

1.why did you start your business, and who was your supper system?
Robert and I started this because people were asking us to take their family pictures.  We do this for fun because we are passionate about capturing those special moments.  We love the art of photography and the images you wouldn't think you would ever see. 
2.what kind of photo services do you provide ?
We offer family portraits, baby bump portraits, engagement sessions, special events (parties, baptisms, weddings) photography, and high school senior portraits.

3.is their anything you want your clients to know about you& your  business?  Robert and I are a husband and wife team who are actually trained as teachers.  We take pictures because it is our passion, but we also passionate about education and kids.  It is hard to balance both professions, but we love both so much and can't just choose one.  Robert is the more artsy one who makes you see something in a different light and capture those moments when people aren't looking, I am the one who is the creative one who loves to capture your true personality and edit the pictures.  It is a joy to see and capture people at the most happiest occasions and moments of their lives.  

4.what funny story or memorable one have you had since your business? 
If you know Robert, he is very reserved, although he usually helps with lighting and new locations at the photo site, and he is also the one person who is in charge of making the kids laugh.  I never see him, but he is always jumping around, making funny noises, or holding the hand puppet to get the kids to laugh.  I can't help but laugh knowing he is behind me doing something crazy. 

Contact us for more information at:  ocephotography@me.com 
Mobile phone #:714-305-4358 
If you'd like to see our work go to:  www.ocephotography.com
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Links We Love "Souverazzi" Photo Booth

Todays Link I Love is :Souverazzi Photo Booth
Say hello to Husband and Wife owner's Ruther and Daren Romey

1.Give us a small description of your business?
    Souverazzi is a Red Carpet style open air photo booth

2. Why did you start the company?
    I have always been interested in the "Event" industry. Anything that helps 
    add detail and makes events more memorable I am interested in. So, two
    years ago I became a "product of the bad economy" and have decided to
    take the opportunity and start my own business! I have always loved
    photograhy, and I am also pretty good in design so combining the two to
    create Souverazzi was born!

3. What would you like your clients to know about your company as a whole?
     Souverazzi is about making unique and fun memories to your special day,
     our goal is to help achieve that in every budget possible.

Daren Romey
Fax: (888)765-1715
Become a Fan on Facebook: Click Here and Here too

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Links We Love Interview" Veils & Fairytales

Name:  Leslie Velazquez, Owner, Lead Coordinator/Planner
             Melissa Rodriguez, Coordinator Assistant (and sister)

Business Name: Veils and Fairytales Weddings & Events

1. Why did you start your business??

I love to plan and host parties of all types, including holiday parties, birthday parties, I was even allowed a little bit of a say on my own bridal shower!  But it was planning my own wedding that started it all (I got married in 2008).  I completely enjoyed the planning of my own wedding, although it was stressful, hectic and kept me extremely busy, I really enjoyed it!  Everyone kept saying I had a knack for it; being that I am somewhat of a perfectionist and need to stay and keep everything organized, the planning was easy for me!  So, this is where it all started. The wedding coordinator that I hired for my own wedding later offered me a part-time job assisting her and this is where the love for it grew.  She ended up moving up north and took her business with her and this is when I decided to venture on my own and see if I could do it.  I started my business in 2009 and it started with a bang!  I did more weddings on my own than I could have ever imagined in my first year!  The passion and love for assisting brides is what keeps me doing it and is so rewarding.  I love making their fairy tale come true!

2. Is there anything you want your clients to know about you and your business?

I started my business on my own and my sister jumped on board to assist me with all events almost immediately.  The both of us work hand-in-hand very well.  We love to do this and make a great and efficient team.  Together we make the Veils and Fairytales lead team.  We also have other girls on hand if we need that extra help.

Our main focus is wedding planning, but we definitely can assist you with coordination of any other type of party or special occasion, including (for the guys) “popping” the question!  See below in ‘what services we provide’ for more info.

For the brides out there, please, please hire at the least a day-of coordinator (even if it’s not me!) for your wedding day.  If you are planning your own wedding, I’m sure you worked hard preparing all the little details such as favors, photos, DIY décor, and other such items.  Please note your venue coordinator doesn’t necessarily set up these items for you.  And you don’t want to rely on family or friends to do this for you either (you want them to enjoy the day; they are of course your GUESTS!). This is where my team and I come in.  I am naturally very meticulous about things in my personal life, I will definitely be meticulous with your details and decor on your wedding day (this is why you would hire me anyway, right?!).  I will make sure that everything is placed according to your preferences or just make everything look fabulous!  No detail will go missed and I make sure that all the hired vendors are there and doing the job you hired them for.  My team and I work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get to completely enjoy your special day.

3. What kind of services do you provide?

I offer both wedding as well as event planning services.  For wedding planning, I offer 3 packages: full-service planning, month-of planning and day-of coordination.  These packages can also be used for quinceanera parties. Please visit my website (link below) for details of what each package offers as well as pricing information.

For event planning, I offer services for all other events other than weddings or quinceaneras, such as bridal or baby showers, (milestone) birthday parties, anniversary, etc.  Please visit my flickr page (link below) for photos of both bridal shower and anniversary parties I have done.

Guys, are you ‘popping’ the question soon??  Let us help you with that special surprise for your girlfriend! However you plan to do it, we can help take it a step further and make it a truly special and memorable occasion!  Call or email us for unique ideas and how we can help you.

Last, but not least, I also offer candy/dessert buffet services.  We provide all glassware and jars, the candy and/or desserts, set up & clean up, favor bags and décor for the table.  Please visit our candy buffet website for detailed information.  If you’re interested, email us for a free quote!

4. What funny story or memorable one have you had since you had your business?

I have special memories about each wedding and/or event I have done. Each bride (and their husbands-to-be and families) is unique and I have developed fabulous relationships with each.  I even still keep in touch with a few!  It’s important to be able to build not only a business relationship, but a wonderful friendship with each of our clients.  Each of our clients is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

During the few months of her planning stage(s), I become almost like the bride’s best friend.  She is in fact intrusting me to assist her with planning one of the most important days of her life!  And I am truly privileged and honored to be a part of their special day. 

Won’t you allow us to make your wedding a fairy tale dream come true?  Give me a call or visit my website for more information.

Phone #, Website & Other Links
Our phone: (951) 442-3941
Our Candy Buffet Website: http://www.vandfcandybuffets.com/
Our Twitter: @veilsfairytales
Our Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/veilsandfairytales/sets/

Monday, August 15, 2011

Links We Love "All that & more party rentals" interview

Our next "Links We Love" interview was with Siobhan from "All that & more party rentals"..

1.why did you start your business?
I am a stay at home mom & wanted to do something to help at home. Last year when I was throwing my daughters 4th birthday I decided
I would like to do something around parties since I have so much fun planning them. I had bought all my tables and chairs & decided I

was going to start by renting them out. I was in a car accident shortly after that so I was unable to deliver but had enough friends in the
local area that I was able to rent to.

2. What kind of services & products do you provide?

I have adult & kids tables and chairs,which are available for pickup only.  I have since added things like cupcake toppers and other paper products to my list of services offered as well as my "NEW" themed yard cutouts that are going to be a great "Unique" addition to any party

3. Is their anything you want your clients to know about you and your business?
I am very passionate about parties and have an eye for detail. I love to help plan parties as well & at some point will add this service to my business as well. For now I am happy to email ideas and help out in any way that I can!

4.What funny story or memorable one have you had since you started your business? 

The last party I through was a baby shower for one of my best friends. When she walked up to the party the first thing she said was " Oh my gosh I'm gonna cry" This just confirmed that my passion is coming through & Im doing the right thing  :)

Contact Information: 
Phone: 951 427-9486
Email: EastvalePartyRentals@gmail.com
Website: http://eastvalepartyrentals.com
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Links We Love "AJW Design"

Say Hello to Alycia Wicker  of  AJW Design Co.

1. Why did you started your business?

I started my business in 2009 after I had been a stay home mom for a few years and I was looking to get back to interior design work, but switching from the boring world of commercial design and project management to the more creative side of residential design.

2.what makes you different from other interior designers?

I design. You shop. It's interior design you can't mess up... I create easy-to-follow design guides for peeps who want to rock their home decor. Think of me as your decorating tour guide. Depending if you need just paint color palette or an entire room design, I make interior design fun and easy for you to finish the project on your own with my help. You make the room design happen at your own pace as your schedule and budget allow. You, fancy pants interior decorator? Go ahead, take the credit. I won't tell.

3.How did you started your business?

It all started with my Barbie Dream House. I had this hankering to design the inside more than I cared to dress up the dolls. Clothes and fashion had no part in my life as much as creating wooden furniture, drapes and bedding for my Barbie dolls to act out their soap opera drama. Years later, I still love a good soap opera and reality TV shows. When I’m not dreaming up ways to improve upon dream homes, scouring design blogs or being addicted to the internet, I have other hobbies. I enjoy paranormal shows, experiencing model homes and making my family and friends laugh.

4.what do you want your clients to know about you & your business?

My clients are smart and have designed their dream Barbie House in their heads many times over. But sometimes they need a partner to translate their thoughts to create rooms they’ve dreamt about. Sometimes they need draperies or blinds and I do that, too. If you are someone that is likely to be offended by cussing, inappropriate jokes, or is a brand name snob, we wouldn’t be a good match. My personality has been compared to the girl from the movie “Juno” by friends. I love working with honest to goodness fun people like myself that want to create a partnership that results in beautiful spaces.

5.What has been a funny or memorable client you will never forget?

Here's a link to one funny encounter I had with another designer while I was waiting for my client (it's too long to post here). http://www.e-decorating.com/get-over-yourself

My website is http://www.e-decorating.com/ and you can also find me on Twitter www.Twitter.com/AlyciaWicker and Facebook - www.fb.me/edecorating

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Links We Love "Monroe Event Planning"

Say Hi to Amanda Hanstad from: Monroe Event Planning

Question #1. What kind of services do you provide for clients? what is behind the name?

Wedding, Party and Event Planning of all types. The name was created because my youngest daughter's middle name is Monroe, and my family is why I do what I do, and what drives me to succeed so I wanted to incorporate an aspect of that into my business name to keep myself reminded of that.

Question #2: How did you start in the event planning industry and why continued with it?

I absolutely LOVE parties and events of all types. I was always volunteering to help out friends and family, either by thinking of a cute theme, or designing a unique centerpiece, coming early to decorate, cooking etc etc. FInally I was like, why dont I do this professionally? I can make a career out of doing something I am passionate about!

Question #3 What would you tell you clients about you and your business?

I am a very passionate person, whatever project I am working on gets my whole heart, mind- everything. I love to help people and seeing the smile on their face when they get exactly what they wanted makes me happy. I know what its like to be a busy mom and I want every spouse or best friend or child to have the party of their dreams, and have that busy mom get the credit! I know what its like to start with a great idea and then run out of time before I get to do a party, or dinner, or what have you, the perfect way I saw it in my mind and my goal is to help all those busy wives, friends, husbands and what have you be able to work through their busy schedule but still come out the hero for pulling off an amazing event. Also I am a Certified Event Planner, which is a very complex certificate to achieve int he planning industry!

Question #4: What is a memorable event you will never forget?

 About a year ago I planned a 50th wedding anniversary for a couple with 9 children and 27 grandchildren that were spread all over the country and having trouble coming together to put together the party their parents/grandparents deserved. Every single family member was able to fly back home for this event, for the first time in over 15 years. They had told me ahead of time that the last family picture they had only went up to grandchild number 6 and he was now 19 years old! I knew that the best gift was a photographer who could get a family photo for the grandparents. The tears of joy from the grandmother, when she walked into that banquet hall and saw that her entire family was there- was the most amazing part of the night, but that photo w/almost 50 family members in it was a very close second!

Contact Monroe Event Planning on Find us on Facebook!
website: http://www.monroeeventplanning.com/

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Links We Love "Two Sweet Boys Lollipops"

Your Business Name: Two Sweet Boys Lollipops!
Your Name: Laura Navarro

1.What Type of Products does "Two Sweet Boys Lollipops" have?
 We make molded chocolate lollipops for any occasion or special event! we have various shapes, sizes, characters and different colors of chocolate to make each order Custom & Specific! They can be given to guest as "Thank you favors" & can be used also as centerpieces or even in a candy buffet.

2.What made you start your own business & How did you pick the name?
 I named my business after my two children "Two Sweet Boys"..they are my inspiration and motivation to make this business blossom! I started to make these lollipops for a friend and neighbors and from then on decided that i can do this business full time and still be at home with my boys and still have a way to make money for our family.

3.What do you want your future clients to know about your services?
I would tell them to browse take their time to  select a mold & color chocolate so they can pick the right ones for their party. Also to ask for a specific character even if they dont see it in the album, doesnt mean we dont have it available!I would want know that Personalization is our niche.. we individually wrap every lolipop with clear wrapping and color cordinate a ribbon that ties a personalized tag to each and everyone of the lollipops. The tag will have a personalized note from you to your guests!

4.What is a funny moment you will never forget with your business?
My Funniest is when one time i was done making an order and i kept noticing that my batch wasnt complete. All of a sudden i see my oldest son (whos 2 1/2) with a three of them with a bite each! and worst part is that i didnt have anymore chocolate to make more!! I learned my lesson.. now whenever im done with an order i must put it away quickly..before my oldest son can get his hands of them.

Telephone #562-900-0644
click here: Our Facebook Page

Monday, August 1, 2011

Links We Love "Eastvale Banners & Design

Business Name: Eastvale Banners & Designs
Owners: Susie & Rob Pinedo

Q #1: Give us a small description of your business:
We offer a wide range of products and services for all your imaging needs including tradeshow graphics, display signage, banners, vinyl cut stickers, retail displays, POP signage and interior décor such as custom print wallpaper.  We regularly stay current with the latest printing options.

Q#2: Why did you start Eastvale Banners?
To do what we like and have better control of our future.

Q#3: What do you want your clients to know about you and your business?
We are very active with our city and regularly donate to various non profit organizations.  Customer service and satisfaction are our main priorities.  It makes us happy when you're happy. Our graphic art's team have design and color management licenses and degrees so you know you are not working with amateurs.

Q #4: Whats a funny moment or touching moment in your business that you will never forget?
Many year's ago I mentioned to my husband that It would be nice to be our own boss.  That's how far it went…..just a mention.  Then, out of the blue…..a few months later he comes home with a large format printer.  He says "I just bought this $8000 printer using our last $3000 do you think you can find customers that would order vinyl banners so that we can pay our mortgage  next month?"…….and the rest is history :)

**Please add their facebook page to your Favorites!
Click Here:Eastvale Banners & Designs
Website - coming soon (it's being redesigned)