Celebrations during Quarantine! 🥳🥳🥳

Because of quarantine we are all "Safe at home". 😷Even though all our lives has changed- on thing is for sure.... BIRTHDAY'S AND CELEBRATIONS  are still happening! 🥳  🤔
How do we transition from your usual birthday parties at home, where you celebrate gathered by your loved ones to "Not having a party" mode?! 🤯. well you still celebrate in a different  and fun way!🤩
In my case my little one is turning 11 and even though her "sleepover birthday " isn't happening for obvious reasons ; we are still celebrating with a "Birthday Parade/ a drive by". 🥳🚗🚙🚗🚗🚙
I love planning parties and taking in all the chaos that comes with it!  So for us, i wanted to have the following:  *invites *goodie bags *decorations * after party  And all of this while having "social distancing" in mind!
You dont have to have it all- just do what YOU want and think it's important and memorable for your bday person!
I usually MAIL invites up to 6weeks before…

Florist spotlight: Un Detalle Floral Design

Un Detalle Floral design is a home based business. Started in my garage 4 years ago as a hobby.  
Q: What inspired you to start your floral business?  My mother Inspired me to start my business. My Mothers passion is planting herbs, vegetables fruit trees, roses , succulents and any plant.  She had all her backyard  and every corner inside the house with plants.  Sometimes it seemed we were in between a jungle.  She worked many years in a plant nursery.  She knew each name how to care for each one.  I would go help her on weekends at times. At the house I would help water the plants cut her roses cut dried plants.  She wouldn’t like me to water at times  I either added to much water or I didn’t add enough.  She was very special with all her plants.  And of course she still is. Shes always said plants hear and feel.  You need to talk to them caress them and I believe it now.  I started grabbing flowers from her house to bring to my house and make arrangements for my tables.  I started a…

Sleepie Teepee

I am very excited to Introduce Brenda Owner of Sleepie Teepee!My daughter loves Teepee's and when she saw her pictures on instagram she knew that will be her next Birthday Party Theme! 

Q: What or who inspired you to start your business/service?  As an only child, I had so much fun making forts/teepees out of anything I could find with my parents. I never forgot how it made me feel. As a parent, I did the very same for my kids. Looking back, I see how amazing it is that a world of play and pretend as a child leads to unique creativity, effortless problem solving, endless possibilities and everlasting memories.
Q:what areas do you service? We service the San Gabriel Valley, OC & IE areas. We cater to children’s events & gatherings. We put a unique and very personal spin on children’s sleep overs, glamping and any occasions in general. Anything that you can imagine, we can create. 

Q: What makes your services unique from others like you? We not only personalize and custom tailor …

Soiree by Solée Designs

Q: What inspired you to start your business?  I was inspired to start my business because I have always had a strong desire to make everything aesthetically pleasing, even as a child I was always decorating something. Also, because when I was younger my Mother put a lot of effort into making my birthday parties a big deal and beautiful... it definitely rubbed off on me! I think everyone should live by that, and celebrate any chance they get! Every celebration, your home, or any space you’re in should be beautiful. I absolutely love making that happen for them!  Q: What makes your services unique?  My service are unique because I love to customize each event or interior to the client specifically. I like to build a relationship with my clients, it helps me to get a understanding of what is there “WOW”! And, that’s how I create something special for them. 
Q: What should clients know about yourself or your services? It’s important to me that your experience with me, and my services is absolu…

Twisted Cotton Candy

I am Honored to have Interviewed the Queen of Cotton Candy Lucia. She is not only the mastermind of the most Yummy cotton candy with different flavors available, But also I admire her work ethic and how she wears her heart on her sleeve! 

Q:Why did you start your business?
I started my venture a short time after the birth of my daughter when I was diagnosed with PPD(post part depression) and after efforts to return to a normal life were unfruitful I decided I needed to have more flexibility and stay home to bond with my baby as well as have the ability to attend a variety of therapies and counseling options. I knew I didn't want to leave my husband alone in the financial end of our family so I decided to start something that I could have a gig or two a month and help with new born expenses and still do what I need to do for my mental health healing. 
Q:What do you think makes you different from other businesses that are similar to yours?
I think there are a few branding and structural…

Deelish Events

I have worked along side of Maria owner of Deelish Events twice and I seen her clients adore. Because she brings not only many years of experience, but also brings lots of unique and personalized details to their events.
Maria Tell me about Deelish Events:  "I have more than a decade of experience in the hospitality & event planning industry. Deelish Events is offering the industry experience clients depend on and an innovative, artistic, classy, fun, modern, chic and sweet vision. Our team is excited to create your next grand event!
Our love for planning celebrations, limitless creativity and fierce attention to the details have made us the trusted choice for many high-profile clients and those hosting events people will be talking about for years to come."

"We are committed to transforming our clients’ needs and vision into a delightful reality, which is what makes each of our events successful, unique, elegant & memorable. In addition to planning, coordinating, d…

Lavish Candy Sweetology

I am very excited to introduce my Vendor-Friend Kate owner of LAVISH CANDY SWEETOLOGY. 
Q:Tell me a little about how you started & your passion in your business:  "My entire life i've have had a fascination with desserts and  confections. I love the way they look and taste. Desserts and design are definitely my two biggest passions.In 2004 i took trip to Athens, Greece and ended up staying a month. While I was there, I was inspired to start a dessert and candy bar service...I began researching and sourcing out candy resources, bakers, and Confections of all types. I invested in props, candy jars, platters, displays and dessert Towers. I watched and learned so many tips from social media entrepreneurs and creators. I put myself out there through networking and social media. Most importantly, I took steps each day toward my goals.
Q: Tell me more about your services: Lavish Candy Sweetology is a candy and dessert bar service. We offer delivery setup and pick up of dessert and …