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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stars Above Balloons Decor..Who,What,Why?

My name is Wendy and I want to introduce my balloon decorating company, Stars Above Balloon Décor.

Stars Above offers event balloon decorating and is conveniently located in Corona, California. By remaining a local company, one which primarily operates from referrals I am able to keep our costs low and extremely affordable.

We take pride in offering the best quality service, creativity and professionalism. Whether you are the party-giver, banquet manager or event planner we will do the decor while you enjoy the event. Whether the event is at home, a town hall, hotel or business, we can plan, design and supply balloons that will transform your venue.  We also provide On-Set balloon décor for Tv & Film productions. We can stay on set and at production/film sites to set up, maintain and take down any balloon decorations provided.

We believe in providing balloons that will give your event the 'Wow Factor'. Great balloon displays can offer real glitz and glamour to an occasion, while sticking to your budget.
Take your next event from Ordinary to Extraordinary with Spiraling Arches, Columns, Canopies, Ceiling Decor, Balloon Drops, Sculptures, Creative Centerpieces, Sparkling Balloons and more.
Balloon decoration is fun and exciting and does not have to be expensive.  We will work with you to create a wonderful balloon décor package, one that is while mindful of your special requirements and budget. Our prices are fully inclusive of accessories, including coordinating tulle / ribbons and weights.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. Keep enclosed information for future reference.  Please give us a call or drop us a line for further details.

Hope to hear from you soon,               
Wendy Salazar

Contact us by..
Mobile: 562-762-5406
Email: Starsaboveballoons@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/starsaboveballoons
Blog: www.starsaboveballoons.blogspot.com
Twitter name: @wendystarsabove
Youtube channel: starsaboveballoons

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Star Studded Virtual Boutique

I want to share with everyone our Virtual Holiday Boutique!
With the holiday around the corner, we all need to shop for our love ones and even for ourselves. What better way then to use some of the local small business. These businesses will give you their undivided attention, no holiday traffic, no waiting in lines to pay and best of all.. they give you dedication, name and reputation in their products and services!
With that being said, here is a list of the businesses I like and most who I bought from ~ enjoy and stop by to say hi to them!

Introducing New Products to the Rodan+Fields Family
by Brenda M. Jones

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~
Love Chocolate? I Do!
Meet Amy of Lindt Chocolate
FREE Lindt Bear with every $25 purchase...
* Adorable Stocking Stuffer! *
The new Lindt Bear has arrived! Taking the holidays by storm, our new hollow milk chocolate figure is created with Lindt's premium Swiss milk chocolate and dressed in festive gold foil and a red bow.
Also...No tax on orders!
AND FREE shipping if they live local to the Corona/Riverside area

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~
Do you still need picture of you and your family..

Capturing Special Moments, One Image at a Time

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~

Need an outfit for the kids that is custom and unique?
Jennifer is your girl.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~
Love to Scrapbook... This is perfect for you!
Contact Karol

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~

We all need a handmade,warm scarf!
scarfs are warm, fuzzy and made with lots of love!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~

All of us need to keep healthy for these holidays and beyond!
why not try Juice Plus+
contact Cathy for more information.


~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~     ~     ~     ~

Need Holiday Decorations or send a Happy holiday balloon bouquet?
Receive a 10% discount on your next booked event !
contact Wendy @ Stars Above Balloons

Hope you see what all our vendors have available for your Christmas shopping! We truly appreciate it!
Also please check out this website which includes other businesses that strive to give you the best of products & services: www.briefcasesanddiaperbags.com

Why a professional balloon decorator for your upcoming event?

When you are planning your party.. first thing that comes in mind is Decorations! You might already know what theme or colors you want or your children want. But, you also know that you want to have the WOW factor ...after all your little one and you deserve it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party for Emma!

Not often do i get to stay for a party after we are done decorating for the client, so i was very excited and my little one also to attend Miss. Emmas 5th bday party!

First of all the vendors that were used by this wonderful loving mom are recommended by her and myself! yes they are Mom Owned businesses.

So let me give you a little bit of a recap of what was seen at this very lucky little girls bday party!

When you 1st arrived to the home you can see all the "Alice in Wonderland" wood cut outs from All that and more party rentals which also has the drapery to cover the walls, linens, tables and chairs that you see here. (Yes thats grandma doing the finishing touches:)

Inside the home Stars Above Balloon Decor  did the balloons inside the home. One section was a lounge set up which we did a single balloon arch, with additional balloons on the stair banister.

The other section was towards the entry of the backyard, thats were all the goodies were located! so it needed that WOW effect .. so whats more appropiate then a "Alice in Wonderland" Tree..did you notice the Cheshire Cat? It came out so pretty!

The Best part of this tree was.. the "WOW's i kept hearing when the guests would see it! (That was my high point in this decor)
Some pictures were provided by Veronica Photography
It was the perfect backdrop for pictures.

Next to this tree was the dessert tables!

Again here you can see the attention to detail Emmas mommy the owner of "All that and more party rentals" did.

Cake was so whismical from Flour Cart bakery 

Cupcakes were made by Lil Monkey cakes

Their were these very cute wood signs made by Saltbox house that were used as decorations on this table "a very merry unbirthday" was held by the mad hatter in the next picture! it was so adorable
The kids had a blast helping themselves to the candy bar..
(yes thats my little one)

The bounce house was a hit with the little ones.. it matched the color scheme! provided by Boun-C-Bounce

Here is the one and only..siobhan, that made this wonderful party a reality for her daughter!

As you can see this very lucky 5 year old had a fantastic party, which not only the young but also the young at heart enjoyed! isnt that what a party should be like? i think so.. :) here are more pictures i wanted to share!

**Please make sure to Like the pages of the businesses listed here so you can have them provide services for your upcoming party!

Friday, November 4, 2011

What's the BAD group all about?

Briefcases and Diaper Bags is a group of moms that run both a home and family life, along with a small business.
 Our mission is to support other moms in our business ventures and in balancing that business and our families. Briefcases and Diaper bags is about building each other up as successful, dreaming, growing, women, moms and business owners. We are all here to help each other grow, as much as we are out to see ourselves grow. We are here for each other and for our community. This is a time in history for entrepreneurs to take off and if you are a mom interested in starting a business we are here to help you realize that dream.
We don’t ask a lot to make our group members. We do however ask from everyone to be supportive on each others business endeavors .Also, to shop within our group when possible or refer out within our community.  Attending meetings if possible will keep you up to date with future boutiques, events etc. (yes kids are welcome but not required!)

Our website allows for our members to have a “Biography” of their business and have links directed to websites, facebook pages and contact information. A paper directory will be printed every quarter which mimic the information that will be placed on the website. The small fee is $25 per year (unless otherwise increased due to the materials used in the directory-for example color, glossy paper etc)
The website www.briefcasesanddiaperbags.com has important information for both visitors and members for example: Directory of our members, direct links, and resources to make our businesses successful. The website calendar is a great resource to see what we are up to in the community, where you could meet us, and the impact we are having in our support of our favorite charities.

We have two B.A.D facebook pages! One is a Public page www.facebook.com/Briefcasesanddiaperbags where our family, friends can read about our upcoming events, find out about the group and get our contact information and we can post specials for the month! The Private Page is for our members to communicate with one another about possible boutiques, things they want to share and stay connected.
If you are interested to become an Official Member of B.A.D please email us for an application. (Application is a biography of your business for our Directory, contact information. Etc.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Balloons can fill a room..no matter what size it is!

This past weekend was I had different scenarios I would like to share with you. The scenario was "how to decorate and not overwhelm the room?" & I  also had "I have too much room but how do i maximize the space?"

Scenario #1: Need decor to welcome the guests and still not over-power the home!
**Try setting up tall bouquets or a mylar to line up the hallway!

Here the Mylar balloons lined the hallway all the way to the main part of the house! gives you a glimpse of what to expect..also they make great party favors for the guest to later take home!
Have a corner or blank wall?
*These columns were perfect to this corner of the home. They were bold with the colors to match the clients theme and the large tall mylar really made the room pop.
They didn't take too much room and still had an elegant festive feel to it!

**Note: Centerpieces are a great way also to create a party feel at each table

These are fairly new to the market and they were so cute, easy to assemble and also great for favors.

The Next Client had a concern that she needed to maximize the space in an elegant way and still make it look festive with her theme!

Scenario #2:"I have too much space? now what?"
Make something Tall & Wide .. her themed was "Alice in Wonderland"

This event was for a Charity Event and my client wanted a "Centerpiece" that was booth Large but not over power her area.
All I can think is whats tall and wide?..how about a Tree! which fit perfectly in her theme!
so myself and my partner came up with this design...  ((excuse the drawing-not the best))

**Our Final Result thankfully came out prettier than the picture!

:) so as you can see... if you want balloons for your event and don't have too much space , do not hesitate to have some! and if you have a large space your working on...woohoo! more balloons for you!