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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stars Above Balloons Decor..Who,What,Why?

My name is Wendy and I want to introduce my balloon decorating company, Stars Above Balloon Décor.

Stars Above offers event balloon decorating and is conveniently located in Corona, California. By remaining a local company, one which primarily operates from referrals I am able to keep our costs low and extremely affordable.

We take pride in offering the best quality service, creativity and professionalism. Whether you are the party-giver, banquet manager or event planner we will do the decor while you enjoy the event. Whether the event is at home, a town hall, hotel or business, we can plan, design and supply balloons that will transform your venue.  We also provide On-Set balloon décor for Tv & Film productions. We can stay on set and at production/film sites to set up, maintain and take down any balloon decorations provided.

We believe in providing balloons that will give your event the 'Wow Factor'. Great balloon displays can offer real glitz and glamour to an occasion, while sticking to your budget.
Take your next event from Ordinary to Extraordinary with Spiraling Arches, Columns, Canopies, Ceiling Decor, Balloon Drops, Sculptures, Creative Centerpieces, Sparkling Balloons and more.
Balloon decoration is fun and exciting and does not have to be expensive.  We will work with you to create a wonderful balloon décor package, one that is while mindful of your special requirements and budget. Our prices are fully inclusive of accessories, including coordinating tulle / ribbons and weights.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. Keep enclosed information for future reference.  Please give us a call or drop us a line for further details.

Hope to hear from you soon,               
Wendy Salazar

Contact us by..
Mobile: 562-762-5406
Email: Starsaboveballoons@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/starsaboveballoons
Blog: www.starsaboveballoons.blogspot.com
Twitter name: @wendystarsabove
Youtube channel: starsaboveballoons

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