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Monday, April 9, 2012

Party Tips for the Busy host

Party Tips for the Busy Host!
                                                                          By: Wendy owner of Stars Above Balloons
Here a small easy list of things to have ready for your party! These are solely my suggestions and you may remove the ones that do or do not apply to your party! It’s simple, maybe repetitive and some just plain silly! Remember any party is a celebration of something or someone; So keep it simple, fun & most importantly stress free!

*      Set a TLC ( Time, Location and Calendar Date)                                         TIME:________________  DATE:____________________ LOCATION:______________________________________

*      INVITATIONS: with today’s technology they’re are free invitation sites you can use to let everyone know ahead of time to Reserve their date! You can send a very personal “Snail mail invite” or a high tech Facebook Event to only the people you choose (private Event) pick a theme or colors to make it consistent around all the other party d├ęcor. **send these at least 4weeks before event**

*      BUDGET: (GASPS) yes this is necessary (it will keep you stress free and on task to make sure you don’t pay too much for something you didn’t really need!)  **you don’t really have to buy the expensive coordinating plates & cups with Elmo- buy bulk Red color ones instead possibly save have the $ for other part of your party**Balloons can be inflated with air and hung from ceiling with fishing-line to give the impression that their floating!

*      FOOD (This can be as simple as Homemade, store bought, or catered) Is there a theme?________________________________________________________________________
Are you offering appetizers only?______________________

*      DRINKS (don’t forget to include kid size drinks (if kiddies are welcome you can buy smaller water bottles or juices-eliminating the # of cans opened but never finished)

# of soft drinks:________________________________
# of waters:___________________________________
# of beer or other alcoholic beverages (21yr olds+):_________________________
** remember those Punch bowls and portable punch fountains ? yes their coming back into fashion and most cost effective**

*      DESSERTS (keep in mind desserts tables don’t have to be narrowed to only candy)
Do you need to order a cake for the birthday person:?______________________________________
Cupcakes, brownies or other desserts:___________________________________________________
** a dessert table is Awesome! It also works as a Favor table…where you can just arrange everything in one huge table and customize some Thank you brown bags for guests to take home**

*      ENTERTAINMENT (make sure you have set the tone with the right one!)
               Call a DJ or Music Related, Kid Friendly Entertainer:_________________________________

**If your throwing a kids birthday party consider hiring a: face painter, magician, clown, balloon twister, bounce house to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours! This will give you a chance as the host to talk & mingle.  If its an adult party I recommend getting some MUSIC! Could be a Disk Jockey, a band, a local dance team, anything that will suite your guests & you! No Budget available for Live DJ ? then take out your Ipad, laptop and speaker and make your own “Party Mix CD”! AND IF YOU WANT TO HAVE SOMEONE TO HELP YOU OR TAKE OVER THESE DETAILS: contact a Certified Event planner!

** If friends offer to help? Let them.. maybe they can do your cake, cupcakes (hey something else to cross-off from your list**
J have a great party! Send me a message or picture to see how your party went! starsaboveballoons@gmail.com


  1. Hi Wendy, you make party giving look easy. I wanted to tell you about a new event planner lead gen site that might be good for you, but I can't remember how to spell it! How's that for a branding snafu? Something like aarrgh.com but that is not leading anywhere, so I'm stumped. I'll try to remember and come back with it when I remember it. Unfortunately, you can't even google it cause the spelling is so odd. Another branding snafu. :(

    Kathy Long

  2. Great list. Lately we haven't done much in the way of parties. A dinner party with another couple is our norm for now. Easier all the way around!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |


  3. Organization makes everything better. I don't give parties typically but going to one that is well run and organized is a pleasure. The "thank you bags" with dessert is a great idea so you aren't left with all those treats in your own house,

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

  4. Great timing as I am about to celebrate my 60th (gasp!!) b'day. Happily my partner is throwing a party for me, so I am feeling pretty relaxed about it, but I will forward her this blog url for sure!

  5. Fun and great advice for planning a party. I think its really important to build time into the party (by using a face painter or a balloon artist) so you, as the host, have time to mingle with your guests and most important, spend time with the birthday kid!

  6. Love that hanging the balloons from the ceiling idea! ...floating there and yet, not. I'm still a balloon kid at heart.

  7. I love all of your party tips, and of course, your balloons. Still in love with our rainbow unicorn arch. Next year... Ariel!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Should I book now? lol


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