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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Balloons can fill a room..no matter what size it is!

This past weekend was I had different scenarios I would like to share with you. The scenario was "how to decorate and not overwhelm the room?" & I  also had "I have too much room but how do i maximize the space?"

Scenario #1: Need decor to welcome the guests and still not over-power the home!
**Try setting up tall bouquets or a mylar to line up the hallway!

Here the Mylar balloons lined the hallway all the way to the main part of the house! gives you a glimpse of what to expect..also they make great party favors for the guest to later take home!
Have a corner or blank wall?
*These columns were perfect to this corner of the home. They were bold with the colors to match the clients theme and the large tall mylar really made the room pop.
They didn't take too much room and still had an elegant festive feel to it!

**Note: Centerpieces are a great way also to create a party feel at each table

These are fairly new to the market and they were so cute, easy to assemble and also great for favors.

The Next Client had a concern that she needed to maximize the space in an elegant way and still make it look festive with her theme!

Scenario #2:"I have too much space? now what?"
Make something Tall & Wide .. her themed was "Alice in Wonderland"

This event was for a Charity Event and my client wanted a "Centerpiece" that was booth Large but not over power her area.
All I can think is whats tall and wide?..how about a Tree! which fit perfectly in her theme!
so myself and my partner came up with this design...  ((excuse the drawing-not the best))

**Our Final Result thankfully came out prettier than the picture!

:) so as you can see... if you want balloons for your event and don't have too much space , do not hesitate to have some! and if you have a large space your working on...woohoo! more balloons for you!

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