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Friday, November 4, 2011

What's the BAD group all about?

Briefcases and Diaper Bags is a group of moms that run both a home and family life, along with a small business.
 Our mission is to support other moms in our business ventures and in balancing that business and our families. Briefcases and Diaper bags is about building each other up as successful, dreaming, growing, women, moms and business owners. We are all here to help each other grow, as much as we are out to see ourselves grow. We are here for each other and for our community. This is a time in history for entrepreneurs to take off and if you are a mom interested in starting a business we are here to help you realize that dream.
We don’t ask a lot to make our group members. We do however ask from everyone to be supportive on each others business endeavors .Also, to shop within our group when possible or refer out within our community.  Attending meetings if possible will keep you up to date with future boutiques, events etc. (yes kids are welcome but not required!)

Our website allows for our members to have a “Biography” of their business and have links directed to websites, facebook pages and contact information. A paper directory will be printed every quarter which mimic the information that will be placed on the website. The small fee is $25 per year (unless otherwise increased due to the materials used in the directory-for example color, glossy paper etc)
The website www.briefcasesanddiaperbags.com has important information for both visitors and members for example: Directory of our members, direct links, and resources to make our businesses successful. The website calendar is a great resource to see what we are up to in the community, where you could meet us, and the impact we are having in our support of our favorite charities.

We have two B.A.D facebook pages! One is a Public page www.facebook.com/Briefcasesanddiaperbags where our family, friends can read about our upcoming events, find out about the group and get our contact information and we can post specials for the month! The Private Page is for our members to communicate with one another about possible boutiques, things they want to share and stay connected.
If you are interested to become an Official Member of B.A.D please email us for an application. (Application is a biography of your business for our Directory, contact information. Etc.)

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