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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets talk about balloons

 What to blog about today??
How about balloons!

Someone not long, said to me.. "I never knew balloons came in different sizes & especially never expected that a balloon can do that!"
Then it hit me... why don't I write a little bit about balloons sizes and colors & hues (yes different finishes) So 1st of all let me start by saying: "I didn't know that either!" until I got educated at balloons university(yes its true balloon school for decorators).
Balloons are made of Sap from oak trees Wikipedia says: "Party balloons are mostly made of a natural latex tapped from rubber trees, and can be filled with air, helium, water, or any other suitable liquid or gas. The rubber's elasticity makes the volume adjustable.." an also flexible.

My manufacturer of choice Pioneer Balloon who makes Qualatex balloons. Which are Balloon Decorator balloons. They are other manufactures out there that make latex & microfoil balloons (mylar). Pioneer balloon makes different shapes, sizes & hues of balloons.
Here are examples of the sizes & types of balloons they make:
Maybe for you these might not seem any different, but once you see the sizes in person you can get a better idea on how the size matters into our decor!
The top image shows your round balloons...these are the typical balloons people imagine when they hear the word balloon. On the bottom, they are the different size of "Twisting balloons" these are used by entertainers who make balloon animals & us who use them for balloon sculptures!
Here is an example of what each shape & size of balloon does to the same design concept!Bonus: They are both made out of Air (not helium)
**Castle Sculpture** Booth are same height.. different balloon type though..Which one do you like??
9" round balloons used.
260's entertainer balloons used.
Both designs were a hit! each took the same amount of time to complete, but the lower design needed more balloons to make the design look fuller!
Qualatex balloons has a variety of colors... not only your standard 8 primary colors but roughly about 59 Rainbow colors..but we can customize any color to create the perfect design or color hue! 
Also don't forget that they are also Pearlized colors too.. which makes a design look richer &
more elegant!
Here is a bouquet that i made for a Sweet 15.. Its colors were pink, black & silver. Not only do we have access to different colors of balloons but also we have different prints.  The Customers invitation and additional decor was DAMASK print. I suggested to incorporate that design into her bouquets..Sure enough they were perfect!
Here is another example on how we can coordinate your print to your balloons..
So as you can see... Stars Above Balloons can work with you, your planner, baker, and printer etc. to coordinate the much needed balloon colors & print to make a wonderful impression!
Hope you enjoyed our little rundown on the balloon basics on colors,sizes & hues...
Now you can really see how balloons transform any event into a magical, fun place.
We cannot wait to do your event soon! Contact us for your next upcoming event! starsaboveballoons@gmail.com
P.S: Not only are we The Balloon Decorators we also have great referrals to some great vendors
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Remember that "The party don't start until the balloons arrive!"

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