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Monday, September 10, 2012

No Helium...No Problem!

Yes their is a helium shortage!!! (read here)

At least twice a week i get that phone call :"Can you make balloon bouquets?" or "Do you have helium?" The answer is always the same "No we don't"-most of the time this is when the phone goes silent..then i brake the ice when i say: "We (stars above balloons ) are doing our part to conserve helium. Due to the helium shortage we offer other alternatives to the bouquets and helium decor" this is when i hear them "smile" and then I tell my client to go on our facebook page and look at our helium free decor.
Air filled decor is AWESOME! why? in my professional opinion *its stable (no breeze or air will move the design/balloons), because its stable I can design more in detail without having to worry about the wind factor & durability.
*It last longer than helium..Ive had clients that have asked to keep their decor for a couple of days instead of coming the next day to pick up my hardware.
*More balloons to extend your budget.. yes helium is a huge factor on the total cost of the design..when now i can make the centerpieces more colorful/detailed and higher etc, without having to worry about costing more of your budget.
I want to visually show you what i mean... here are pictures of some air filled decorations we have and can create for your party!
**please note: we do ALL custom decor-even if you see a theme you have in mind it doesn't necessarily mean it will be identical to the picture**

we can still do the "floating effect" for some balloons if you would like! the pictures below shows clusters & a garland attached from the ceiling, scriptures and custom sculptures..its very dreamy and pefect for any heights (its the same method used in dealerships..yes!! we do dealerships too-and grocery stores & 24ft ceilings are not a problem!)

Remember to give us a call or send us an email for a quote and set up a consultation for your next event..our dates fill up quickly! -wendy (909)333-5406  or starsaboveballoons@gmail.com

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