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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Section for Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of (FAQ) frequently ask questions:

Q.Do you only do certain parties or events?
Absolutely not! we do all types of events from birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, family reunions, quinceneras, sweet 16's, corporate events, window displays for business, grand openings; just to name a few.
Q. How do I book you to do our balloon decor?
Best way is to give us a call (909)333-5406 in order to discuss the details on your event. We can arrange for a Skype consult, on site consult or a face to face consult. we will go over
-color scheme or theme
-allowed time by venue to do decor
-go over fees & terms
-bounce back any ideas you may have.
we also respond to emails within 12 hours of received. starsaboveballoons@gmail.com
Q. How Far a long do I need to book you guys?
We encourage all our clients to call as soon as they have TLC (TIME, LOCATION & CALENDAR DATE.) It is best for you to call us as soon as possible to see if your date is available. Once you are ready to book us a signed contract & deposit is required in order to confirm your booked date.
Q. What are your terms for payment?
We do require a deposit of 50% to secure your date & place your balloon order. The balance is due a week before the event date. We accept Cash, Checks and mayor credit cards. We do not accept COD.
If you were to cancel or change your event date your 50% deposit is non refundable; that amount was used to purchase your custom balloon decor and secure our decorator.
Q. When our event is over, do we keep all balloons and designs?
It depends. All free standing balloons, bouquets or anything that is not attached to a frame is yours to keep. If we use frames, posts, bases or props are sole property of Stars Above Balloons. Those are to be left or premises after the event is done for pick up or prior arrangements have already been made for a later pick up date. If you have a question about taking certain pieces of a design please ask your decorator before taking apart certain items as they might be hard to take down.
Q. Do you provide clean up? is their a fee?
 Their are certain times when we need to come back after your event is over to take down all decor know as a "Strike". Some venues require us to come back same day and make everything spotless. We do have a Fee known as a "Strike fee" which depends on the time, mileage etc. your decorator will let you know what that fee is.
Same fee is applied, if you would prefer for our staff to come to your home and take down and dispose the decorations for you.
Q. Do you donate balloons for a fundraiser or charity event?
Yes! we love to be part of our local community fundraisers and charity events. Although, we would like to help all charities that come to us, we are sometimes limited to the number of events we can donate to. we have an application which needs to be filled out and approved before a donation can be secured.
Q. Are they any discounts you offer?
On our facebook page www.facebook.com/starsaboveballoons we offer occasional *special offers* for our fans. We do have special pricing for non-profits and charities.  
Q. Do you have helium tanks for rent?
We do not have helium tank rental or refill services. We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with colorful,fun and worry free decorations! We want you to enjoy your day and not have to worry about helium,balloons & how to do it yourself... leave it to the professionals.. US!
Q. Do you provide bouquet delivery?
At this time we do not provide bouquet delivery due to the helium shortage (click here for more info). They're will be some holidays we CAN offer delivery of air filled bouquets (see our facebook page for occasional preorder dates)
Q. Where are you located?
We are a professional home-based business in Eastvale, CA.
We have a vision of soon enough to own a welcoming and charming store-front. 
Making it a one stop shop for your party needs! 

We hope we have answer any questions you might have about our services, terms and hope to hear from you soon! -Stars Above Staff

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